Family Name V・W・X・Y・Z: 2008年1月アーカイブ


Kenny Burrell (Guitar)
Grover Washington, Jr. (SopranoSax, TenorSax)
Ron Carter (Bass)
Jack DeJohnette (Drums)
Ralph MacDonald (Percussion)

Recording Date : Apr 5, 1984-Apr 23, 1984

Side A
1 Soulero (Evans) 4:36
2 Sails of Your Soul (Washington) 5:23
3 Day Dream (Ellington, Latouche, Strayhorn) 5:01
4 A Beautiful Friendship (Kahn, Styne) 5:04

Side B
1 Togethering (Burrell) 4:36
2 Romance Dance (Burrell) 3:28
3 Asphalt Canyon Blues (Burrell) 6:19
4 What Am I Here For? (Ellington, Laine) 4:46


Margaret Whiting (Vocals)
Bud Shank (AltoSax, Flute)
Barney Kessel (Guitar)
Russell Garcia (Arranger, Conductor)
Russell Garcia Orchestra

Recording Date : Jan 27, 1960-Feb 15, 1960

Disc 1
Side A
1 Why Was I Born? [Sweet Adeline] (Hammerstein, Kern) 3:22
2 Remind Me [From One Night in the Tropics] (Fields, Kern) 2:55
3 The Song Is You [From Music in the Air] (Hammerstein, Kern) 3:32
4 I Won't Dance [Roberta] (Fields, Hammerstein, Harbach, Kern, McHugh) 2:25
5 Don't Ever Leave Me [From Sweet Adeline] (Hammerstein, Kern ) 3:19
6 I'm Old Fashioned [You Were Never Lovelier] (Kern, Mercer) 2:44

Side B
1 All in Fun [Very Warm for Mary] (Hammerstein, Kern ) 3:06
2 Why Do I Love You? [From Show Boat] (Hammerstein, Kern) 2:34
3 Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man [From Show Boat] (Hammerstein, Kern) 3:57
4 A Fine Romance [From Swing Time] (Fields, Kern) 3:39
5 Look for the Silver Lining [Sally Gardens] (DeSylva, Kern) 2:56
6 All the Things You Are [From Very Warm for May] (Hammerstein, Kern) 3:49

Disc 2
Side A
1 Poor Pierrot [The Cat and the Fiddle] (Harbach, Kern) 3:23
2 Smoke Gets in Your Eyes [Roberta] (Harbach, Kern) 3:57
3 Let's Begin [Roberta] (Harbach, Kern ) 2:15
4 D'Ye Love Me? [Sunny] (Hammerstein, Harbach, Kern) 3:24
5 Dearly Beloved [You Were Never Lovelier] (Kern, Mercer) 2:52
6 Long Ago (And Far Away) [From Cover Girl] (Gershwin, Kern) 4:17

Side B
1 The Way You Look Tonight [Swing Time] (Fields, Kern) 3:33
2 You Couldn't Be Cuter [Joy of Living] (Fields, Kern) 2:05
3 Yesterdays [From Roberta] (Harbach, Kern) 3:08
4 Bill [From Show Boat] (Hammerstein, Kern, Wodehouse) 4:03
5 She Didn't Say Yes [From Show Boat] (Harbach, Kern) 2:25
6 The Touch of Your Hand [Roberta] (Harbach, Kern) 3:42


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