Family Name S: 1979年10月アーカイブ

George_Shearing_Blues_Alley_Jazz.jpgGeorge Shearing (Piano, Vocal#B4)
Brian Torff (Bass)

Recorded Oct 1979

Side A
1 One for the Woofer (Taylor) 8:04
2 Autumn in New York (Duke) 4:42
3 The Masquerade Is Over (Magidson, Wrubel) 6:18
4 That's What She Says (Fest) 3:45

Side B
1 Soon It's Gonna Rain (Jones, Schmidt) 4:34
2 High and Inside (Torff) 3:28
3 For Every Man There's a Woman (Arlen, Robin) 3:41
4 This Couldn't Be the Real Thing (Mulligan, Torme) 3:17
5 Lazy River (Arodin, Carmichael) 4:59


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