Family Name R: 2008年8月アーカイブ


King Pleasure (Vocals)#A1-6,B1-2

Charles Ferguson (TenorSax)
Eddie Lewis (Trumpet)
Edwin Swanston (Piano)
Peck Morrison (Bass)
Herb Lovelle (Drums)
Betty Carter (Vocals)

Recorded Dec. 12, 1952

John Lewis (Piano)
Percy Heath (Bass)
Kenny Clarke (Drums)
Dave Lambert & His Singers (Vocals)

Recorded Sep. 29,1953

John Lewis (Piano)
Percy Heath (Bass)
Kenny Clarke (Drums)

Recorded Dec. 24,1953

J.J. Johnson (Trombone)
Kai Winding (Trombone)
Lucky Thompson (AltoSax, TenorSax)
Jimmy Jones (Piano)
Paul Chambers (Bass)
Joe Harris (Drums)
Jon Hendricks (Vocals, Choir, Chorus)
Eddie Jefferson (Vocals, Choir, Chorus)
The Three Riffs (Vocals, Choir, Chorus)
Quincy Jones (Arranger)

Recorded Dec. 7, 1954

Annie Ross (Vocals)
Teacho Wiltshire (Piano)
Ram Ramirez (Organ)
Percy Heath (Bass)
Art Blakey (Drums)

Recorded Oct. 9,1952

Side A
1  Red Top (Hampton, Kynard) 3:16
2  Now! Jumpin' With Symphony Sid (Pleasure, Young) 2:37
3  Sometimes I'm Happy (Caesar, Grey, Youman) 2:59
4  This Is Always (Gordon, Warren) 3:17
5  (What Can I Say) After I Say I'm Sorry? (Donaldson, Lyman) 3:13
6  Don't Get Scared (Getz, Pleasure) 3:21

Side B
1  Parker's Mood (Beeks, Pleasure, Parker) 3:02
2  I'm Gone (Jones, Pleasure) 3:33
3  Twisted (Gray, Ross) 2:41
4  Farmer's Market (Farmer, Ross) 2:46
5  The Time Was Right (Ross) 3:20
6  Annie's Lament (Ross) 2:59

Jane Russel (Verve)

jane_russell.jpgJane Russel (Vocals)
Joe Totondi (Arranger, Conductor)
Billie May (Arrenger, Conductor)

Recorded 1957

Side A
1 Fine and Dandy  2:24
2 Take Love Easy  2:13
3 Love on the Rocks  2:57
4 When a Woman Loves a Man  3:09
5 Can't We Talk It Over  2:19
6 You Don't Know What Love Is  2:41

Side B
1 Love Is Here to Stay  2:30
2 The One I Love  2:15
3 How Long Has This Been Going on?  2:54
4 You're Mine, You!  2:18
5 Born to Be Blue  2:35
6 There Will Never Be Another You  2:17


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