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Shelly Manne (Drums)
André Previn (Piano)
Leroy Vinnegar (Bass)

Recording Date : Aug 17, 1956

Side A
1 Get Me to the Church on Time (Lerner, Loewe) 4:14
2 On the Street Where You Live (Lerner, Loewe) 5:41
3 I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face (Lerner, Loewe) 3:25
4 Wouldn't It Be Loverly? (Lerner, Loewe) 5:36

Side B
1 Ascot Gavotte (Lerner, Loewe) 4:21
2 Show Me (Lerner, Loewe) 3:43
3 With a Little Bit of Luck (Lerner, Loewe) 6:04
4 I Could Have Danced All Night (Lerner, Loewe) 3:01

Charles_McPherson_Today_s_Man.jpgCharles McPherson (AltoSax)
Barry Harris (Piano)
Lawrence Evans (Bass)
Billy Higgins (Drums)
Richard Williams (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Cecil Bridgewater (Trumpet, Flugelhorn)
Frank Wess (Flute, TenorSax)
Julius Watkins (FrenchHorn)
Chris Woods (Flute, BaritoneSax)
Garnett Brown (Trombone)

Side A
1 Charisma 5:07
2 Invitation 3:14
3 Naima 6:18

Side B
1 Bell Bottoms 4:42
2 Stranger in Paradise 5:52
3 Cheryl 6:18

Hal McKusick (AltoSax, Clarinet)
Barry Galbraith (Guitar)
Osie Johnson (Drums)
Milt Hinton (Bass)
George Russell(Arranger)

Recorded Nov. 3, 1956

Side A
1 Give 'em Hal (Albam)
2 When The Sun Comes Out (Koehler, Arlen)
3 Can't Get Out Of This Mood (McHugh, Loesser)
4These Foolish Things (Strachey, Marvell, Link)
5 Out Of This World (Arlen, Mercer)

Side B
1 This Is New (Weill, Gershwin)
2 Over The Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)
3 Serenade In Blue (Warren, Gordon)
4 Prelude To Kiss (Gordon, Ellington)
5 Irresistible You (Raye, De Paul)


Howard McGhee (Trumpet)
Tina Brooks (TenorSax)
Freddie Redd (Piano)
Milt Hinton (Bass)
Osie Johnson (Drums)

Recorded 1960

Side A
1 Who Killed Cock Robin? (Redd)
2 Wigglin' (Redd)
3 Music Forever (Redd)
4 Time to Smile (Redd)

Side B
1 (Theme For) Sister Salvation (Redd)
2 Jim Dunn's Dilemma (Redd)
3 O.D. (Overdose) (Redd)


Side A 1-4
Marian McPartland (Piano)
Max Wayne (Bass)
Mel Zelnick (Drums)
Rec.NYC, April 21, 1952

Side A 5-7
Marian McPartland (Piano)
Eddie Safranski (Bass)
Don Lamond (Drums)
Rec.NYC, December 22, 1952

Side B 2,3,6,8
George Shearing (Piano)
Gene Ramey (Bass)
Denzil Best (Drums)
Rec.NYC, February 3, 1947

Side B 1,4,5,7
George Shearing (Piano)
Curly Russell (Bass)
Cozy Cole (Drums)
Rec.NYC, December 23, 1947

Side A
1 It Might as Well Be Spring (Rodgers, Harmmerstein Ⅱ)
2 Gypsy in My Soul (Boland, Jaff)
3 Strike up the Band (Gershwin, Gershwin)
4 Love Is Here to Stay (Gershwin, Gershwin)
5 Love for Sale (Porter)
6 Yesterdays (Kern, Harback)
7 All the Things You Are (Kern, Harmmerstein Ⅱ)

Side B
1 Sweet and Lovely (Arnheim, Lemore, Tobias)
2 When Darkness Falls (Shearing)
3 So Rare (Herst, Sharpe)
4 Bop's Your Uncle (Shearing)
5 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington)
6 Buccaneer's Bounce (Shearing)
7 Cozy's Bop (Shearing)
8 Have You Met Miss Jones? (Rodgers, Hart)

Buddy Montgomery  (Vibraphone)
Monk Montgomery (Bass)
Richie Crabtree (Piano) 
Benny Barth (Drums)

Recorded 1960

1 Whisper Not (Golson)  6:39
2 Fink-Fank-Funk  (Wes Montgomery)  4:29
3 It Could Happen to You  (Burke, Van Heusen)  4:02
4 Try It  (Mergy)  5:42

Side B
1 Alone Together  (Schwarts, dietz)  4:43
2 For Now  (Buddy Montgomery)  5:05
3 Surrey with the Fringe on Top (Rodgers, Hammerstein) 5:23
4 Noreen's Nocturne  (Peterson) 5:36
HERBIE_MANN_Afro_Jazziac.jpgHerbie Mann (Flute)
Machito and His Afro-Cuban Jazz Ensemble

Side A
1 Brazilian Soft Shoe  (Mann)  2:17
2 Love Chant (Mann)  3:10
3 Afro-Jazziac  (Mann)  4:18
4 Ring a Levio  (Mann)  2:52
5 Afternoon Death  (Mann)  3:29
6 To Birdland and Hurry  (Mann)  3:10

Side B
1 Calypso John  (Mann)  2:02
2 African Flute  (Mann)  2:56
3 Bacao  (Mann)  4:28
4 Carabunta  (Mann)  3:38
5 The Davis Cup  (Mann)  3:13
6 Answer Me  (Mann)  3:34
Mary Ann McCall (Vocals)
Burt Collins (Trumpet)
Gene Quill (AltoSax)
Johnny Richards (Arranger)

Recorded Feb. 20, Mar. 2, 6, & 20, 1959

Side A
1 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton)
2 Melancholy Nights (Charles, McCall)
3 A Lover Is Blue (Carpenter, Mundy, Young)
4 Trouble Is a Man (Wilder)
5 Blue and Broken Hearted (Clarke, Handman, Leslie)
6 The Thrill Is Gone (Brown, Henderson)

Side B
1 Am I Blue (Akst, Clarke)
2 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)
3 Blue and Sentimental (Basie, David, Livingston)
4 Sentimental and Melancholy (Mercer, Whiting)
5 Melancholy Mood (Knight, Schumann)
6 Melancholy (Holop, Lee)

Charlie Mariano (AltoSax)
Harb Pomeroy  (Trumpet)
Jackie Byard  (Piano)
John Carter  (Bass)
Peter Rittmann  (Drums)

Recorded 1950 - 1951

Side A
1 Diane' Melody  (Byard)   3:19
2 Harangue  (Pomeroy)  2:48
3 Sweet And Lovely  (Arnheim, Tobias, Lemare)  3:54
4 Ryan's Love  (Crown)  2:31

Side B
1 This Is Heaven  (Feller)  2:55
2 How About You  (Freed, Lane)  2:38
3 My Nancy  (Mariano)  2:50
4 Jan  (Crown)  2:48
Jim_Hall_And_Red_Mitchell.jpgJim Hall  (Guitar)
Red Mitchell  (Bass)

Recorded Jan. 20 & 21, 1978 at Sweet Basil, N.Y.C.

Side A
1 Big Blues  (Hall)  6:25
2 Beautiful  (Mitchell)  7:56
3 Waltz New  (Hall)  5:07

Side B
1 Fly Me to the Moon  (Howard)  7:09
2 Blue Dove  (Mexican folk song)  9:19
3 Osaka Express  (Hall)  4:40
joe_sample_the_three.jpgJoe Sample (Piano)
Ray Brown (Bass)
Shelly Manne (Drums)

Recorded Nov. 28, 1975

Side A
1 Yearnin'  (Nelson)  5:08
2 On Green Dolphin Street  (Kaper, Washington)  5:19
3 Satin Doll  (Ellington, Strayhorn, Mercer)  5:43

Side B
1 Manha Do Carnaval  (Bonfa,Maria, Llenas)  6:02
2 'Round About Midnight  (Monk, Williams, Hanighen)  4:37
3 Funky Blues  (Sample, Brown, Manne)  5:13

Gerry Mulligan (BaritoneSax)
Chet Baker (Trumpet)
Bob James (ElectricPiano)
Ron Carter (Bass)
John Scofield (Guitar)
Harvey Mason, Sr. (Drums)
Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, Percussion)

Recording Date : Nov 24, 1974

Side A
1 Line for Lyons (Mulligan) 8:14
2 For an Unfinished Woman (Mulligan) 8:48

Side B
3 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers) 8:40
4 Song for Strayhorn (Mulligan) 9:26

Gerry_Mulligan_Chet_Baker_Carnegie_Hall_Concert_Vol_2.jpgGerry Mulligan (BaritoneSax)
Chet Baker (Trumpet)
Bob James (ElectricPiano)
Ron Carter (Bass)
John Scofield (Guitar)
Harvey Mason, Sr. (Drums)
Dave Samuels (Vibraphone, Percussion)

Recording Date : Nov 24, 1974
Side A
1 It's Sandy at the Beach (Mulligan) 9:08
2 Bernie's Tune (Leiber, Miller, Stoller) 7:53

Side B
1 K-4 Pacific (Mulligan) 11:41
2 There Will Never Be Another You (Gordon, Warren) 6:53

Paul_More_Live.jpgPaul More (Piano)
Jimmy Bond (Bass)
Maurice Miller (Drums)

Recorded Mar, 1961 at The Pour House Club in San Clemente, California

Side A
1 Shop a Doddle-Op
2 Stay Even
3 Sunset
4 Yazz Par Favore
5 Mean Time
6 Way Up

Side B
1 Wave Dance
2 Bottled in Bond
3 Tall Polinesian
4 Things Ain't What They Used to Be
5 Long Ago and Far Away
6 Cute


Barney Kessel (Guitar)
Ray Brown (Bass)
Shelly Manne (Drums)

Recording Date : Nov 2, 1959

Side A

1 Soft Winds (Goodman) 4:14
2 Crisis (Kessel) 3:49
3 The Little Rhumba (Manne) 3:41
4 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin) 3:20
5 It's All Right With Me (Porter) 3:41

Side B
1 Mack the Knife (Blitzstein, Brecht, Weill) 3:53
2 Rain Check (Strayhorn) 3:07
3 Minor Mystery (Brown) 5:50
4 (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (Magidson, Wrubel) 4:34
5 I Hear Music (Lane, Loesser) 2:53

Thelonious_Monk_Thelonious_Alone_in_San_Francisco.jpgThelonious Monk (Piano)

Recording Date : Oct 21& 22, 1959

Side A
1 Blue Monk (Monk) 3:47
2 Ruby, My Dear (Monk) 4:00
3 Round Lights (Monk) 3:37
4 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis) 5:40
5 You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart (Rainger, Robin) 4:05

1 Bluehawk (Monk) 3:40
2 Pannonica (Monk) 3:54
3 Remember (Berlin) 2:44
4 There's Danger in Your Eyes, Cherie [Take 2] (Maskill, Richman, Wendling) 4:22
5 Reflections (Monk) 5:06


Junior Mance (Piano)
Ray Brown (Bass)
Lex Humphries (Drums)

Recording Date : Apr 9, 1959

Side A
1 A Smooth One (Goodman, Royal) 3:29
2 Miss Jackie's Delight (Wright) 3:54
3 Whisper Not (Golson) 4:22
4 Love for Sale (Porter) 4:26
5 Lilacs in the Rain (DeRose, Parish) 3:42

Side B
1 Small Fry (Carmichael, Loesser) 4:08
2 Jubilation (Mance) 3:31
3 Birk's Works (Gillespie) 5:45
4 Blues for Beverlee (Mance) 7:54
5 Junior's Tune (Mance) 3:33


Helen Merrill (Vocals)
Clifford Brown (Trumpet)
Jimmy Cleveland (Trombone)
Joe Bennett (Trombone)
Danny Banks (BaritoneSax, Flute)
Bobby Donaldson (Drums)
Gil Evans (Arranger, Conductor)
Art Farmer (Trumpet)
Johnny Frigo (Bass)
Barry Galbraith (Guitar)
Milt Hinton (Bass)
Bobby Jaspar (Flute)
Osie Johnson (Drums)
Hank Jones (Piano)
Jimmy Jones (Piano)
Quincy Jones (Arranger)
John LaPorta (Clarinet, AltoSax)
Dick Marx (Piano)
Marian McPartland (Piano)
Hal Mooney (Arranger, Conductor)
Joe Morello (Drums)
Louis Mucci (Trumpet)
Billy Mure (Guitar)
Oscar Pettiford (Bass)
Jerome Richardson (Flute, Saxophone)
George Russell (Guitar)
Mike Simpson (AltoSax,Clarinet, Flute)
Jerome Slosberg (Drums)

Recorded Feb 1954 - Feb 21, 1958

Disc 1
Side A
1 Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz)
2 Alone Together (Dietz, Schwartz)
3 Glad to Be Unhappy (Hart, Rodgers)
4 This Is My Night to Cry (Medley, Sanford)
5 How's the World Treating You (Atkins, Bryant)
6 How's the World Treating You (Atkins, Bryant)
7 Don't Explain (Herzog, Holiday)

Side B
1 Born to Be Blue (Hoffman, Silver)
2 You'd Be So Nice to Come Home To (Porter)
3 'S Wonderful (Gershwin, Gershwin)
4 Yesterdays (Harbach, Kern)
5 Falling in Love With Love (Hart, Rodgers)
6 What's New? (Burke, Haggart)

Disc 2
Side A
1 You Won't Forget Me (Goell, Spielman)
2 Lilac Wine (Chappell, Shelton)
3 Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year (Loesser)
4 Beautiful Love (Gillespie, King, VanAlstyne, Young)
5 Just You, Just Me (Greer, Klages)
6 When I Fall in Love (Heyman, Young)
7 The End of a Love Affair (Redding)
8 Mountain High, Valley Low (Goldsen, Hanighen, Scott)

Side B
1 Anything Goes (Porter)
2 Comes Love (Brown, Stept, Tobias)
3 (I'm Afraid) The Masquerade Is Over (Magidson, Wrubel)
4 Wait Till You See Him (Hart, Rodgers)
5 He Was Too Good to Me (Hart, Rodgers)
6 I've Never Seen (Cochran)
7 I'm a Fool to Want You (Herron, Sinatra, Wolf)
8 Troubled Waters (Coslow, Johnston)

Disc 3
Side A
1 Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home (Arlen, Mercer)
2 Where Flamingos Fly (Brooks, Courlander, Thea)
3 I'm Just a Lucky So and So (David, Ellington)
4 A New Town Is a Blue Town (Adler, Ross)
5 Be Myself (Dietz, Schwartz)
6 People Will Say We're in Love (Hammerstein, Rodgers)
7 You're Lucky to Me (Blake, Razaf)
8 Dream of You (Oliver)

Side B
1 Blue Guitar (Coleman)
2 Listen (Becaud, Broussole, Sydney)
3 I'll Be Around (Wilder)
4 Soft as Spring (Wilder)
5 If I Forget You (Caesar)
6 After You (Porter)
7 It's a Lazy Afternoon (Latouche, Moross)

Disc 4
Side A
1 If You Go (Parsons)
2 If Love Were All (Coward)
3 If Love Were All (Coward)
4 Easy Come, Easy Go (Green, Heyman)
5 The Things We Did Last Summer (Cahn, Styne)
6 Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair (Traditional)
7 I See Your Face Before Me (Dietz, Schwartz)
8 I Remember You (Mercer, Schertzinger)
9 Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise (Hammerstein, Romberg)

Side B
1 Bye Bye Blackbird (Dixon, Henderson)
2 This Time the Dream's on Me (Arlen, Mercer)
3 Dearly Beloved (Kern, Mercer)
4 Summertime (Gershwin, Gershwin, Heyward)
5 Let Me Love You (Howard)
6 When the Sun Comes Out (Arlen, Koehler)
7 All of You (Porter)
8 The Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington)
9 Just Imagine (Brown, Henderson)