Family Name L: 1983年11月アーカイブ


Abbey Lincoln (Vocals)
Steve Coleman (AltoSax)
James Weidman (Piano)
Bill Johnson (Bass)
Billy Johnson (Bass)
Mark Johnson (Drums)
Mark Johnson (Drums)
Jerry Gonzalez (Percussion)
Arlene Knox (bckgrVocals)
Bemshee Shirer Vocals (bckgrVocals)
Naima Williams Vocals (bckgrVocals)

Recording Date : Nov 25 & 26, 1983

Side A
1 The River (Lincoln) 4:57
2 Whistling Away the Dark (Mancini, Mercer) 4:29
3 Talkin' to the Sun (Lincoln) 5:44
4 You and I (Wonder) 3:55

Side B
1 People on the Street (Lincoln) 5:53
2 You're My Thrill (Clare, Gorney) 5:59
3 Prelude - A Wedding Song (Lincoln, Villa-Lobos) 8:25


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