Family Name I・J・K: 2008年10月アーカイブ

Teddi_King_All_the_Kings_Songs.jpgTeddi King (Vocals)
Lew Douglas (Conductor)
Johnny Richards (Conductor)
Charlie Shavers (Trumpet)
Jimmy Cleveland (Trombone)
Phil Bodner (Clarinet)

Recorded Mar. 23 - 25, 1959

Side A
1 April Showers (DeSylva, Silvers)
2 A Cottage for Sale (Robinson, Conley)
3 That's for Me (Hammerstein Ⅱ, Rodgers)
4 Temptation (Freed, Brown)
5 Unforgettable (Gordon)
6 Keeping out of Mischief Now (Waller, Razaf)

Side B
1 Flamingo (Anderson, Grouya)
2 June in January (Robin, Rainger)
3 You Brought a New Kind of Love (Fain, Kahal, Norman)
4 This Love of Mine (Sinatra, Parker, Sanicola)
5 When It's Sleepy Time Down South (Rene, Rene, Muse
6 Let's Face the Music and Dance (Berlin)


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