Family Name I・J・K: 1984年1月アーカイブ


Jackie Cain (Vocals)
Roy Kral (Piano, Vocals, Arrangements)
Dean Johnson (Bass)
Warren Odze (Drums)

Recorded January, 1984 at Classic Sound Recording Studios, New York City

Side A
1 We've Got It (Coleman, Fields) 1:10
2 The Best Is Yet To Come (Coleman, Leigh) 3:22
3 When In Rome (Coleman,Leigh) 3:49
4 Why Try To Change Me Now (Coleman. McCarthy) 4:40
5 I've Got Your Number (Coleman, Leigh) 2:40
6 You're A Loveable Lunatic (Coleman, Fields) 2:58

Side B
1 My City (Coleman, Fields) 3:06
2 Our Private World (Coleman, Cumden, Green) 6:00
3 Doop Do De Oop (Coleman, Leigh) 3:44
4 I Love My Wife (Coleman, Stewart) 4:34
5 Witchcraft (Coleman, Leigh) 3:27
6 It's A Nice Face (Coleman, Fields) 2:19
7 The Riviera (Coleman, McCarthy) 2:39


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