Family Name H: 2008年4月アーカイブ

Edmond_Hall_Charlie_Christian_Memorable_Sessions_in_Jazz.jpgEdmond Hall (Clarinet)
Meade "Lux" Lewis (Celesta)#A1-B1
Charlie Christian (Guitar) #A1-B1
Israel Crosby (Bass)#A1-B1
Red Norvo (Vibraphone)#B2,3
Teddy Wilson (Piano)#B2,3
Carl Kress (Guitar) #B2,3
Johnny Williams (Bass)#B2,3

Recorded February 5, 1941#A1-B1 & January 25, 1944#B2,3

Side A
1 Profoundly Blue, No. 2  (Hall, Lewis) 4:18
2 Jamming In Four  (Hall, Lewis) 4:20
3 Edmond Hall Blues (Hall, Lewis) 4:17

Side B
1 Celestial Express (Hall, Lewis) 3:54
2 Blue Interval  (Hall)  4:15
3 Seein' Red  (Hall)  4:13
Paul_Horn_Here_s_That_Rainy_Day.jpgPaul Horn  (Flute, AltoFlute, BassFlute, Clarinet)
Lynn Blessing  (Vibes)
Mike Lang  (Piano)
Bill Plummer  (Bass)
Bill Goodwin  (Drums)
Ralph Carmichael  (Arrange, Conduct)

Side A
1 Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me)  2:35
2 Here's That Rainy Day   2:20
3 How Insensitive  2:44
4 The Shadow of Your Smile  3:15
5 In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning  3:54

Side B
1 Girl Talk  3:11
2 Moment to Moment  1:51
3 Ecstasy  4:39
4 Laura  3:15
5 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)  3:21


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