Family Name G: 2009年5月アーカイブ

Red_Garland_Red_Alone.jpgRed Garland (Piano)

Recording Date : Apr 2, 1960

Side A
1 When Your Lover Has Gone (Swan) 6:45
2 These Foolish Things (Link, Marvell, Strachey) 5:08
3 My Last Affair (Johnson) 3:39
4 You Are Too Beautiful (Hart, Rodgers) 4:45

Side B
1 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Ellington, Webster) 7:09
2 The Nearness of You (Carmichael, Washington) 5:04
3 Nancy (With the Laughing Face) (Silvers, VanHeusen) 5:25
4 When I Fall in Love (Heyman, Young) 5:06


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