Family Name C: 1979年4月アーカイブ


Richie Cole (AltoSax)
Dick Hindman (Piano)
Bruce Forman (Guitar)
Marshall Hawkins (Bass)
Bob Magnusson (Bass)
Les DeMerle (Drums)
Michael Spiro (Percussion)
Jeep Duquesne (Cowbell)
Eddie Jefferson (Vocals)
Tom Waits (Vocals)
The Manhattan Transfer (Vocals)
   Tim Hauser (Vocals)
   Alan Paul (Vocals)
   Janis Siegel (Vocals)
   Cheryl Bentyne (Vocals)

Recording Date : Apr 25, 1979

Side A
1 Hooray for Hollywood (Mercer, Whiting) 4:50
2 Hi-Fly (Weston) 6:54
3 Tokyo Rose Sings the Hollywood Blues (Cole) 4:53
4 Relaxin' at Camarillo (Parker) 4:38

Side B
1 Malibu Breeze (Price) 6:00
2 I Love Lucy (Rizzo) 5:12
3 Waitin' for Waits (Cole, Jefferson) 3:55
4 Hooray for Hollywood (Reprise) (Mercer, Whiting) 1:16


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