Family Name B: 1953年7月アーカイブ

Chet_Baker_Pretty_Groovy.jpgChet Baker (tp)
Bill Perkins (ts)
Jimmy Guiffre (cl)
Russ Freeman (p) 
Dave Wheat(g;A-3)
Carson Smith (b)
Russ Saubders (b)#A-3
Bob Whitlock (b)#B-2
Bob Neel (ds)
Larry Bunker (ds)
Bobby White (ds)#B-2

Recorded Side A: Feb. 15, 1954 & Dec.9 1957   
               Side B: Jul. 27, 29 & 30, 1953.

Side A
1 Look For The Silver Linning  
2 Time After Time  
3 Travelin' Light  
4 My Funny Valentine  
5 There Will Never Be Another You  
6 The Thrill Is Gone  
7 But Not For Me

Side B
1 Band Aid  
2 The Lamp Is Low  
3 Carson City Stage  
4 Long Ago And Far Away  
5 Easy To Love  
6 Winter Wonderland  
7 Batter Up


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