Family Name A: 1986年12月アーカイブ


Ernestine Anderson (Vocals)
Benny Carter (AltoSax)
Marshall Otwell (Piano)
Ron Eschete (Guitar)
Ray Brown (Bass)
Jimmie Smith (Drums)

Recorded Dec 1986

Side A
1 Sunday in New York (Coates, Nero)
2 In a Mellow Tone (Ellington, Gabler)
3 I'm Comin' Home Again
4 Christopher Columbus (Berry, Razaf)

Side B
1 London by Night (Coates)
2 Little Bird
3 Be Mine Tonight (Eaton, MacDonald, Salter)
4 Lend Me Your Life
5 Sack Full of Dreams (McFarland, Savary)


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