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Cannonball Adderley (AltoSax)
Emmett Berry (Trumpet)
Bill Evans (Piano)
Barry Galbraith (Guitar)
Milt Hinton (Bass)
Jimmy Cobb (Drums)
Gene Orloff (Violin)
Leo Kruczek (Violin)
Dave Schwartz (Viola)
George Ricci (Cello)
Bill Russo (Arranger)

Recording Date : Aug 20, 1958-Aug 21, 1958

Side A
1 Two Left Feet (Borne, Webster) 3:12
2 Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me) (Ellington, Gaines) 3:15
3 I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good) (Ellington, Webster) 2:35
4 Nothin' (Borne, Golden, Kuller) 4:32
5 Jump for Joy (Ellington, Kuller, Webster) 3:18

Side B
1 Bli-Blip (Ellington, Kuller) 3:48
2 Chocolate Shake (Ellington, Webster) 2:40
3 If Life Were All Peaches and Cream (Borne, Webster) 5:12
4 Brown-Skin Gal (In the Calico Gown) (Ellington, Webster) 2:47
5 The Tune of the Hickory Stick (Borne, Webster) 3:24

George_Auld_Quintet.jpgGeorgie Auld (TenorSax)
Frank Rosolino (Trombone)
Lou Levy (Piano)
Max Bennett (Bass)
Tiny Kahn (Drums)

Recorded 1951

Side A
1 New Air Mail Special  (Goodman, Christian, Munday) 2:58
2 What's New (Burke, Haggart) 2:27
3 Out of Nowhere (Heyman, Green) 3:04
4 Be My Love (Cahn, Brodsky) 2:32

Side B
1 Taps Miller (Basie, Sidney, Russell) 2:42
2 Autumn in New York (Duke) 2:28
3 Seh! Seh! 2:33
4 The Things We Did Last Summer (Cahn, Styne) 2:37 
Manny Albam (Arranger, Leader)
Gene Allen (BaritoneSax)
Wayne Andre (Trombone)
John Bello (Trumpet)
Bob Brookmeyer (ValveTrombone)
Johnny Coles (Trumpet)
Eddie Costa (Piano, Vibraphone)
Bill Crow (Bass)
Willie Dennis (Trombone)
Al DeRisi (Trumpet)
Jim Hall (Guitar)
Gus Johnson (Drums)
Oliver Nelson (TenorSax)
Joe Newman (Trumpet)
Gene Quill (AltoSax)
Alan Raph (Trombone)
Frank Socolow (TenorSax)
Phil Woods (AltoSax)
Recorded Jan 12 - Feb 12, 1962

Side A
1 Exodus (Gold) 5:10
2 High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me) (Tiomkin, Washington) 2:44
3 Paris Blues (Ellington) 2:42
4 La Dolce Vita (Rota) 2:40
5 Majority of One (Steiner) 2:05

Side B
1 Green Leaves of Summer (Tiomkin, Webster) 5:56
2 Guns of Navarone (Tiomkin) 3:26
3 El Cid (Rozsa) 2:25
4 Slowly (Goell, Raksin) 4:53


Ernestine Anderson (Vocals)
Benny Carter (AltoSax)
Marshall Otwell (Piano)
Ron Eschete (Guitar)
Ray Brown (Bass)
Jimmie Smith (Drums)

Recorded Dec 1986

Side A
1 Sunday in New York (Coates, Nero)
2 In a Mellow Tone (Ellington, Gabler)
3 I'm Comin' Home Again
4 Christopher Columbus (Berry, Razaf)

Side B
1 London by Night (Coates)
2 Little Bird
3 Be Mine Tonight (Eaton, MacDonald, Salter)
4 Lend Me Your Life
5 Sack Full of Dreams (McFarland, Savary)


Pepper Adams (BaritoneSax)
Sir Roland Hanna (Piano)
George Mraz (Bass)
Billy Hart (Drums)

Recording Date : Jun 14, 1978

Side A
1 Reflectory (Adams) 7:00
2 Sophisticated Lady (Ellington) 5:37
3 Etude Diabolique (Adams) 7:16

Side B
4 Claudette's Way (Adams) 6:11
5 I Cary Your Heart (Adams) 6:53
6 That's All (Brandt, Haymes) 6:32

Chuz Alfred (TenorSax)
Ola Hanson (Trombone)
Chuck Lee (Piano)
Vinnie Burke (Bass)
Kenny Clarke (Drums)

Recorded Sep. 27, 1955

Side A
1 A Message from Home
2 Manta Wray  (Chuz Alfred)
3 I Can't Get Started  (Duke, Gershwin)

Side B
1 HarleQuin (Chuz Alfred, Chuck Lee)
2 Love Comes to Mehitabel Brown  (Chuz Alfred)
3 Chuz Duz  (Cone)