Jazz at the Academy / Hal Mckusick (Coral)


Hal McKusick (AltoSax, Clarinet)
Barry Galbraith (Guitar)
Osie Johnson (Drums)
Milt Hinton (Bass)
George Russell(Arranger)

Recorded Nov. 3, 1956

Side A
1 Give 'em Hal (Albam)
2 When The Sun Comes Out (Koehler, Arlen)
3 Can't Get Out Of This Mood (McHugh, Loesser)
4These Foolish Things (Strachey, Marvell, Link)
5 Out Of This World (Arlen, Mercer)

Side B
1 This Is New (Weill, Gershwin)
2 Over The Rainbow (Arlen, Harburg)
3 Serenade In Blue (Warren, Gordon)
4 Prelude To Kiss (Gordon, Ellington)
5 Irresistible You (Raye, De Paul)


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