Paris / Vicki Benet (MCA)


Vicki Benet (Vocals)
Nick Perito (Arranger, Orchestra Director)

Recording Date : Mar 2 - 3, 1960

Side A
1 Paris Canaille  (Ferre) 3:42
2 You Don't Know Paree (Porter) 2:49
3 Under Paris Skies (Sous le Ciel de Paris) (Drejac, Gannon, Giraud) 3:16
4 Why Do You Pass Me by (Vous Qui Passer Sans Me Voir) (Carter, Hess, Trenet) 2:52
5 The Last Time I Saw Paris (Hammerstein, Kern) 3:20
6 La Parisenne (Elliott, Perito) 2:23

Side B
1 À Paris (Lemarque) 3:17
2 (Ah! The Apple Trees) When the World Was Young [le Vhevalier de Paris] (Mercer, Philippe-Gerard, Vannier) 4:11
3 The Poor People of Paris [la Goualante du Pauvre Jean] (Monnot) 1:53
4 On the Champs Elysees [Sur Les Champs Elysees] (Nerval, Perito, Zimmerman) 2:47
5 I Wish You Love [Que Reste-T-Il de Nos Amours] (Beach, Trenet) 3:51
6 Padam... Padam... (How It Echoes the Beat of My Heart) (Contet, Glanzberg, Holiner Nichois)  2:21


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