That's the Way I Feel Now: A Tribute to Thelonious Monk / Various Artists (A&M)

That_s_the_Way_I_Feel_Now_A_Tribute_to_Thelonious_Monk.jpgDisc 1
Side A
1 Thelonious (Bruce Fowler)
2 Little Rootie Tootie (NRBQ)
3 Reflections (Steve Khan)
4 Blue Monk (Doctor John)
5 Misterioso (Carla Bley)

Side B
1 Pannonica (Barry Harris)
2 Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are (Was Not Was)
3 Brilliant Corners (Mark Bingham)
4 Ask Me Now (Steve Lacy)
5 Monk's Mood (Sharon Freeman)

Disc 2
Side A
1 'Round Midnight (Joe Jackson)
2 Friday the 13th (Bobby McFerrin, Bob Dorough)
3 Work (Chris Spedding, Peter Frampton)
4 Gallop's Gallop (Steve Lacy)
5 Bye-Ya (Steve Slagle, Doctor John)
6 Bemsha Swing (Steve Lacy, Gil Evans)

Side B
1 Four in One (Todd Rundgren)
2 Functional (Randy Weston)
3 Evidence (Steve Lacy, Elvin Jones)
4 Shuffle Boil (John Zorn)
5 In Walked Bud (Terry Adams)
6 Criss-Cross (Shockabilly)
7 Jackie-Ing (Mark Bingham)


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