Melancholy Baby / Mary Ann McCall (Coral)

Mary Ann McCall (Vocals)
Burt Collins (Trumpet)
Gene Quill (AltoSax)
Johnny Richards (Arranger)

Recorded Feb. 20, Mar. 2, 6, & 20, 1959

Side A
1 My Melancholy Baby (Burnett, Norton)
2 Melancholy Nights (Charles, McCall)
3 A Lover Is Blue (Carpenter, Mundy, Young)
4 Trouble Is a Man (Wilder)
5 Blue and Broken Hearted (Clarke, Handman, Leslie)
6 The Thrill Is Gone (Brown, Henderson)

Side B
1 Am I Blue (Akst, Clarke)
2 My Old Flame (Coslow, Johnston)
3 Blue and Sentimental (Basie, David, Livingston)
4 Sentimental and Melancholy (Mercer, Whiting)
5 Melancholy Mood (Knight, Schumann)
6 Melancholy (Holop, Lee)


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