Basses Loaded! / Milt Hinton, Wendell Marshall, Bull Ruther (RCA Victor)

Basses_Loaded_Milt_Hinton_Wendell_Marshall_Bull_Ruther.jpgMilt Hinton (Bass)#SideA1-4
Al Cohn (Arrenge)#SideA1-4
Wendell Marshall (Bass)#SideA5-6,SideB1-2
Billy Byers (Arrenge)#SideA5-6,SideB1-2
Bull Ruther (Bass)#SideB3-6
Manny Album (Arrenge)#SideB3-6

Side A
1 Moon Over Miami   (Leslie, Burke)  2:54
2 I Hear a Rhapsode  (Fragos, Baker, Casparre)  2:30
3 Prelude to a Kiss  (Ellington, Mills, Gordon)  3:12
4 Fump  (Cohn)   2:45
5 The Continental  (Magidson, Conrad)   3:00
6 Careless  (Quadling, Jurgens, Howard)   2:47

Side B
1 How Blue Was My Bass  (Marshall)   2:47
2 Tenderly  (Gross,Lawrence)  3:01
3 Crazy She Calls Me  (Sigman, Russell)  3:17
4 I Poured My Heart Into a Song  (Berlin)  3:11
5 Bull in a China Shop  (Album)  3:18
6 Begin the Beguine  (Porter)  3:06


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